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The ITS 6125 Camera Control System can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of requirements. A single 6125M Master Controller can control up to sixteen 6125D Receiver Driver Units, which are connected to the cameras and Pan & Tilt Mechanisms. A maximum of fifteen 6125R Remote Controllers can be connected to the master controller, any of which can control all or a portion of the installed sites as authorized by the master controller.

The 6125RN Remote Controller is used as a node expander. This node is remote and, with a single connection to the master controller, can control up to six camera sites directly. Unlike the remote controller, the remote node controller controls only the sites to which it is directly connected. However, all sites can still be controlled by the master controller and enabled remote controllers. In addition, the master controller decides which sites connected to the remote controller can be controlled by that remote.

Minimum system components include a master controller and one receiver driver unit. However, system configurations are typically much more complex. Each remote controller needs to be connected to a master, either through a daisy-chain or star configuration. If the master controller is turned off, the remotes will not function. However, once a remote node controller is programmed, the master controller can be turned off and the remote node controller operates and controls those receiver drivers that are connected to it.


Remote controllers communicate bi-directionally with the master controller; however, signals from master controller to remote node controller and master controller to receiver driver units are unidirectional. For further detailed descriptions of each component, refer to Detailed Component Descriptions

The master controller controls all sites (receiver driver units and cameras) whereas a remote controller controls only those sites as authorized by the master controller. A remote node controller can control a maximum of six sites. Receiver driver units receive signals and directly control the cameras.

A standard video switch, which is controlled by an RS-232 port, automatically performs the video switching externally. The switch configuration is programmed into the master controller or remote controller using the front panel controls. All setup is stored in nonvolatile memory in the master controller.

An example configuration shows two remote controllers and one remote node controller connected to the master controller. Five receiver driver units are connected to the master controller, and four units are connected to the remote node controller.

An alternate means of control is through the use of the Model 6125MW, Windows Master Controller.  This program provides complete control of all Receiver/Driver functions using a PC running the Windows® WinX, ME, NT or XP operating system.

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