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HD-SDI Video Products HD-SDI Video Insertion Generators
Multi-Channel HD-SDI Video Data Encoders
Ruggedized HD-SDI Video Data Encoders

Analog Video Insertion Products Video Insertion Generators
Multi-Channel Video Data Insertion
Video Data Encoders/Decoders

VMEbus Products Video Insertion Generators/Annotators
Video Data Encoders/Decoders
Video Synchronizers
IRIG Decoders/Inserters

Time Code Readers and Generators IRIG Generators/Readers/Translators
Airborne, Mobile, Portable IRIG Generators
IRIG Generators with Video Insertion
IRIG Distribution Amplifiers

Time Code Displays Desktop
Panel and Aircraft mounting models
Countdown Clocks

Video Pattern Generators Custom Video Pattern Generators
RS 170, RS343, CCIR

Video Synchronizers NTSC, RS170 and High Speed Video Synchronizers, GPS & IRIG B referenced

Pan & Tilt/Camera/Device Controllers Hierarchical Camera and Pan & Tilt Control Systems
Remote Camera Controllers, hardware and PC control models
Receiver/Drivers for visible light and Infrared cameras
Custom Receiver/Drivers for special cameras, lenses and thermal imagers 
DE2 Interface Universal interface system for multi-camera and multi-positioner configurations.

Embedded Products Functional boards designed to be embedded into OEM products.
Includes GPS timing, Video Insertion and motor & device controls.

Airborne/Miniature Products Time Code Generators, Video Inserters, Distribution Amplifiers

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